This is basically two songs, knitted together in a simple segue. Laura chose this as one of Fairfolks very first songs. It sounds Breton, is rhythmic, has impact and it's in French, and tells the story of... ...well, how's your French?

We chose this song as it is an Irish classic, covered by many people, including Sinead O' Connor, John Martyn, Bert Jansch, and Davy Graham to name but a few, and is still a mystery to us, is it a ghost story, or what? No matter, the melody is haunting as are the lyrics. A beautiful tune, possibly medieval with relatively modern lyrics.

I heard this first on a recording by Phoebe Smith, an East Anglian traveller, and I remember John Seymour, the founding father of the self sufficiency movement, singing this in the Jolly Sailor in Orford Ness. Also known as the Yellow Handkerchief, it's a moral tale advising girls of the perils of keeping bad company.

Not so much a love triangle as a love square, a sailor, a carpenter, his girlfriend and a princess are all involved. A much covered song, by many artists, this song is also known as, "The Daemon Lover", with a typical sad ending as the protagonists drown on their way to hell.

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